The Rip Van Wrinkler, XX, Issue 1, February 2016

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Xmas 1981 - Ida - Ch. Apu Ides of March

Tippy Allen wants to join in....

Mark your calendars!

Our Beat the Winter Doldrums Brunch

February 7th, 11 am, chez Apu, blintzes and champagne.

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1999, a memory, from the List-Server B-List

---In Which We Meet a Bear----
by Susan Kamen Marsicano


 If all you know of

Woodstock is, like, "Woodstock," let me tell you that we are in the

Catskill Mountains & there's a town named Bearsville just west of the

village,  out past the 'flats.'


And the bears do come around.  There are

foxes & coyotes & lots of deer & raccoons & possums & all the rest

too.  I've set the picture, so. . .


Big Crash!  I run towards our screened porch were the dogs were hanging out.

Segment from a self-portrait with Gem & Flash, on the porch, reflected in a Mexican mirror.

TRILL & NINER & GEM came running in. 

"WE Have to go out NOW,"  they said in chorus.

  OK--So we all run the other way to my bedroom window which is

their way to their fenced backyard (very large, rocks & hills). Up on the

chest & out the window they go, followed by Hip Hop, Calliope & even

SOPHIE, who at almost 12 needs a wee boost up - don't tell her I told

you that.

Sophie - Ch. Apu Days of Our Lives

So, Picture this, THEY'RE ALL RUNNING OUTSIDE, & I finally go back to

the porch to finally discover WHAT'S UP!  There's a Large Black

BEAR smiling at me 'cause he has just overturned my l4 year

old garbage dumpster & has sunflower seeds sticking to his flews 'cause

there were 50 pounds of them in there.


OMYGOSH!  SO I run back to the bedroom window & do my sweetest, "pup pup

pup pup--" & stick my head out 'cause there's no COMMOTION & THERE THEY

ALL ARE, 4 at the fence (only 4 ft. high), nose to nose with SAID Bear.

Hippy & Calliope, who must be wise in BEAR FACTS, standing sentinel on a

large rock.


OHNYOHMYOHMY! In the back room I run, get "cookie" jar, open wee back

door, & shakes the jar, "Cookies...."  Never did understand the sense in

screaming these things & they all trot in. "YOU

CALLED, MOM? "  I said, "Sit.." & they all did, as always for a "cookie!"


Tomorrow I'll deal with the remains of the bear's feast & now I'll go

back to the Football game.  All's well with the basenjis, who

think football is boring, except when the 49ers are playing.


©1964 Wolf Kahn, drawing of Apu.

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