The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXV, Issue 3, August 2021

Basenjis swimming . . . .

"First-time Basenji owners, Marisa Lue & Kevin Tse, sent this photo of Kevin with “Tycho” (aka Taji’s Grandmaster Tycho). Previous to this photo being taken, Tycho was actually riding with Kevin on his paddleboard!
Marisa reported to me that as Kevin got closer to shore, Tycho abandoned ship, and swam into shore!
Does that mean that he didn’t like the paddleboard? Or that he wanted to swim? Or just get to dry land ASAP?
LOL… we don’t know, but the picture is priceless." Katie Campbell

Mia Lowbeer - Below is Solis, Ch Yulara Xemx. Above is Solis and his son Kodji, Yulara Bokodji.

Chris O'Rear - "It's official Mellie is a swimmer. Unfortunately she took everyone in with her when she jumped but at least Swagger caught the fish while he was in there." Swagger in the pool below.

Zarity, owned by Zuzana Patakyová Špaňúrová. Photo by Jan Pataky.

Sharky and Parkkur Osenni - the Catskills.

Waldgeister Waldgeister
"Talking about hydrophobic Basenjis....this great hot summer Sunday made Ole mutate to a splish-splash-Nessie."

Mila Grønli coming back with the stick. Mila & Kevin below.

Anne MacMillan
Lucky will cross the street to walk through a puddle! He’s my water baby.
Dog Park below.

Harley Dering at 7 months old.

Tutu, 2012. Bye, sweetie.

Leaf Marsicano says, "what water?"