The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XX, Issue 1, February 2016

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Hands and paws. . .

Uschi Grewe's mother & Imani

Like Daughter, Like Mom. Tippy with Josh Allen, Scarlet (her mother), with Frey Johnnson.

Glover photo

Salgado photo

Wendy Cerilli and baby Badger. S K-M photo

Karen Christensen & Red

Hepi Armen with either Cyble or Kohlette, early 2012, S K-M photo

Regan and Andrea Stone

Fern and S K-M

Kees and Dana 't Mannetje

Baby Carmine

Baby Gilda

Sculpture by Lotte Hotaling.

Moot's hands hide Fiddle's belly.

Ashley and Joe's Raven, "High Five," looking for a hand.

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