The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XVI, Issue 2, May 2012

Club News

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Brunch Report

Rip Van Wrinkle Basenji Club

Annual Meeting and Beat the Winter Doldrums Brunch

Chez Apu - Woodstock, New York

February 19, 2012 (meeting was called to order at 1 pm)

Treasurer’s Report:

Although income from dues payments was down, the generosity and loyalty of paid members in 2011 enabled us to donate $500 to Basenji Rescue of Southern California.  

We raised $300 from the June fun match raffle to donate to the Basenji Health Endowment.  We were able to cover our usual office expenses, expenses from the fun match, and set up for club logo designs to go on merchandise for members who want it, and still come out $304.27 ahead of where we started the year.

President’s Report:

80 family memberships, 11 honorary members, 10 newsletter exchanges, and 93 Facebook members. 

                  Members encouraged to join the club on Facebook. Most are already there, & enjoying it.

                  The online Wrinkler and the RVW web page costs a total of $25 for the year.

                  Reminder of embroidered club gear—contact Suzy Zeh or 1 888 828-5445.
Embroidered gear is always in the Stuff Stuff Stuff section of the Wrinkler.

Susan gave a summary of the new direct test for Fanconi, that was discovered last summer by Dr. Johnson, using gene sequencing.  We now can say good-bye to this terrible disease, which affected approx. 20 percent of the world population of basenjis.  Reminder that this was highlighted in the November Wrinkler, 2011 very ably by member Kirsten Sigrist. Fanconi Gene Found

Match Show

Sunday, June 24, at Karen Sahulka’s, Woodstock. Approved by acclamation.

Will feature all the favorites: breed, costumes, musical sits & downs, best wrinkles, yodels, a bit of agility, rally, Veggie Eating Contest, and a demo on dogs tricks, with Kim & Zhara.

Costume class will be “Who I Think I Am,” with each dog costumed as who s/he really thinks s/he is.

Approved by acclamation.

New Business

New donations: Approved without objection were donations of $250 to Medfly (led by Karen Jones), $100 to the pre-natal unit at UConn Health Center, and $250 to Caringbridge (for Kaila on Long Island). 

Raffle prizes: a hand crafted & carved wooden key holder, with Anubis, by Laura Shapiro. Additionally an original hand made dog show squeaker by Andrea Stone.

Last year, in honor of their 13th birthday, that day, of Laser and M, the group sang “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and most of the 11 basenjis present sang along. It remains a classic, & is featured on the BCOA home page. The video can be seen on YouTube.

There being no further business, Mayer moved, and Schulz seconded, for adjournment at 1:45 pm.

Minutes submitted by Debby Mayer.

Frey Johnsson (S K-M Photo)

"Moot" (S K-M Photo)
Lisa Osenni Mackey


Karen Sahulka

Tutu says you all come next year!

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