The Rip Van Wrinkler,
Volume XXIII, Issue 3, August 2019

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Match Report, 22 June '19

by Reporterdog, Fernnut.         

The weather was NICE & really WARM!
We partnered with the Lehigh Valley Coursing Club at their June NOTRA weekend.
Our Match & luncheon were right after oval racing was completed. (Dolmas were the best!)

RVW Basenjis running in the landscape. (Dering photo)

Luke and Harley practiced.

as did the youngers:

Ivy and Jasper on their way to practice racing.


Jennifer Price was our patient and delightful judge. Here she is with her judge's present (Delacroix poster).

Winners were: Tutu won the race meet on the 22nd, and Gilda won on the 23rd, with Tutu 2nd.
Best Puppy in Match - Goldie, Best of Opposite Puppy - Jasper.
Best Wrinkles - Ivy, Best Coat - Jasper, Curliest Tail - Goldie. Best Trickdog - Tutu.
Veggie Eaters, #1 tie - Ate two servings - Goldie & Leaf, #2 - Luke, #3 - Rose, #4 - Ivy.
Costume class - Rip! A N D. . . we had an IG & a Greyhound compete.
That's all we had time for. More next year.

Best Puppy in Match - Goldie. (& Curliest Tail)

Best of Opposite Sex - Jasper. (And Best Coat)

Best Wrinkles - Ivy.

Best Costume - Rip in the Green Room.


Tutu!! Being Tutu.

Jasper & Ivy going for a sled ride.

Leaf likes to weave. Thanks to Natalie for putting the poles out there for us.

Gilda. Off lead would have been easier, but was frowned upon.


Guy Noir and Amelia got to meet Nicholas, who so loved their brother, Obike. Guy went right over to "press head".

The Culvers.

Walker, the IG, getting a smooch from Hannah.

Adieu 'til next year!

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