The Rip Van Wrinkler,
Volume XIII, Issue 3, August 2009

Pages 5 thru 8

Match Report

by Mlle Niner, Comradness Reporterdog, reporting, with a BIG from the Rainbow Bridge

The weather in Red Hook was just perfect! We had 28 dogs entered, most in multiple classes.

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Pages 5 thru 8

HUGE Thanks to:

Jacquie Cookingham for making her landmark property available to us, and for being our friend. Lunch was superb, as always.

Our very gracious Judge, Jane Johnson, who was having fun, and helping all to enjoy themselves.

Our wonderful Chief Steward, Natalie Culver.


EVERYONE who tried Rally-Obedience.

High in Match, KUNJO!!! – Perfect Score - 100

Excellent: 1st Place tie - M & Obike – 96, 2nd Occhi, 3rd Guy Noir, 4th Sandy

Advanced: 1st Kunjo, 2nd Scarlet, 3rd Fern

Novice: 1st tie - Cubby & Sky, 2nd Emmy, 3rd tie – Obike, Ian, Cairo
Sue & Sky

Best Adult in Match: Obike, owner – Natalie Culver

Best of Opposite: Lulu, owner – Debby Mayer

Open Dog: 1st Obike, 2nd Cairo.

Best Adult Bitch: Tutu, Runners-up – Sky & Emmy.

Neutered Dog: 1st Kunjo, 2nd Cubby, 3rd Ian, 4th Laser

Neutered Bitch: 1st Luli, 2nd Cherry

Best Brace: 1st Scarlet & Tutu, 2nd Laser & M

Musical Sits: 1st Guy Noir

Musical Downs, 1st M

Donald AGAIN was Best Yodeler!!!!

Tutu & Scarlet tied for Curliest Tail.

Cairo won Most Wrinkles.

Costume Class, 1st Banana Splits Kunjo & Obike,

           2nd Place tie – M & the M&Ms

– Cherry as a S’More

  Bambi Memorial Veggie Eating winner was Donald

Judge’s Report

 I really want to thank you for such an enjoyable day at the match yesterday.  The people from your club are so friendly and the site was just perfect.  It was nice to spend some time you all your dogs to get to know them better.  I have never had stuffed grape leaves and Susan they were just delicious.  I was most impressed with the Rally-O classes-all of you have done such a good job training your dogs and getting others involved in a positive way.

Rally Ring

Raffle winners are:

The original, handcrafted necklace & bracelet set made by Uschi Grewe was won by Karen Christensen

The basenji motif necklace by Frey Johnsson was won by Yvonne 't Mannetje

The Xmas cards by S K-M donated by Loretta Kelley were won by Donna Hess

About $300 proceeds to the Basenji Health Endowment.

Brace class

Jules admires Jane's Lunch

Curly Tails

The Winner is!

Laser does Rally

Ian does Rally

Curly Tails

Camera ready

Lickety Split

More S'More

Donald gets his prize

Amelia & Fern M&Ms

Our Title Holders:

   DC. Apu Must Be the Money SC (Trill)

   Ch. Apu Little Red Lentil RE AX MXJ NF GRC CGC TDIA MVB (M)


   FC Apu Sand Thru the Hourglass RA SC GRC CGC TDIA VBX (Sandy)

   Apu Louise Brooks, Queen of the World (Lulu)

   FC Apu the Answer SC FCh LCX SGRC4 ORC SOR (Ian)

   FC Apu Sir Laserlot MC GRC JOR (Laser)

   FC Apu Bella Di Cerignola SC GRC JOR (Cherry)

   FC Apu the New Edition SC CGC (Cubby)

   Apu Voice of Angel Edition CGC (Sky)

   FC Apu Afternoon of a Fawn RA SC FCh GRC CGC TDIA VBX (Amelia)

   Apu Guy Noir RA SGRC ORC SOR CGC TDIA MVB (Guy Noir)

   Apu Premiere Edition CGC (Emmy)

   FC Apu Get the Helloutta Dodge SC FCh GRC ORC JOR CGC (Obike)

   Apu Jay Dreamin' Breeze RN NAJ SC SGRC2 JOR CGC VB (Kunjo)

   FC Apu PiNache RN JC CGC (TDI) (Scarlet)

   Apu Pi De Deux SC GRC (Tutu)

   Apu Painted Sand RN JC CGC (TDI) (Fern)

Kunjo, Banana Split