The Rip Van Wrinkler,
Volume XIV, Issue 4, November 2010

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Household Helpers ..…”
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Sample by Susan Kamen Marsicano - no words needed)

Fernie, Dryer

M, Dishwasher

On EYE GLASSES/ group speak
Karen Christensen TuTu 1: reading glasses 0

Lisa Stewart - She is making a fashion statement, mommy does not need to wear glasses.

Karen Christensen -   at least she didn't wreck the beaded leash attached to them! But she cracked right through one lens. Maybe I'll take her shopping for the next pair -- I DO need them for reading!

Lisa Stewart  - I ended up resorting to bifocals 6 yrs after my lasik. Fortunatley none of our dogs are interested in glasses. Trog has a fetish with Joes shoes, always trimming down the heels, never touches mine as I put them in the closet.

Carrie Squires  - There's nothing like teamwork: my cat, Spooky, used to bat things off of high countertops, shelves, etc, so our first basenji, Booger, could eat them. I lost a pair of glasses to their teamwork, among other things.

Chey Miller  - That was my introduction to basenjis - Ruby's sire, Cody, stole my glasses from my purse, which I'd left on the breeder's dining room table. He was in the process of "decorating" them while we were in the family room playing with the puppies. It was a good lesson!

Karen Christensen - Cody was pretty notorious for his purse-snooping, too! I don't need bifocals, just readers, as my post-LASIK distance vision is fine. Hmmm.... Trog.... shoes.... sounds like his daddums (though Ian no longer does recreational chewing on them, he just kicks my clogs around to get my attention)

Elizabeth Wolf  - One day my nurse came in the door, placed her bag on the ground said, "how are you?" we looked down and Jade hade opened up her sandwich and gobbled it down in one gulp!! I have a pair of cheapy reading glasses that are in a metal container ,maybe that would hinder the "decorating"

Karen Christensen  - Not a bad ideaR. My petsitter, Kelly, wasn't convinced the dogs needed to ride in a crate until Laser raided her lunch while she was driving him (and Cherry and Ian, who were in the crate) home from the kennel. Of course, Cherry gives no option, she glues herself into the crate right away. Ian prefers the crate too, otherwise he gets in the lap and braces himself against you so hard you can't breathe. Laser LOVES to ride shotgun, but he has to check out every crumb and gum wrapper in the car.

Lulu Mayer

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