The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXIII, Issue 3, August 2019


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Lotta Olsson

Damn dog... I went in to pee and he lays on the outdoor sofa... I get back out and he's gone?? I'm shouting Hio!! HIO !!! And run around like crazy looking everywhere for several minutes ( F**k what a big garden we have), my heart is jumping out of my chest... Then I turn around and there he is, with a smile on his face !!

He has probably been runing after me the whole time, like what a fun new game!! Haha - shit I was so scared, and it isn't the first time he does it.. And I never learn!!

Amalia Roma

Ivan has a sink fascination. Probably because there is often running water when I make food for them (to let it get hot for the kibble soak). So he’s tried to help me at the bathroom sink as well (again, running water for hands, teeth, etc).

He also was an angel when I put him through the double sink treatment for RIDICULOUSLY muddy paws. And arms and legs. And even belly. Not sure if he was doing a slip and slide out there but he was the only one that was that muddy. The other three just had muddy toes.

Big wheel, I guess. He went muddin’.

“I can aaaaalllllmost reach that tooth paste.”
(Plotting a minty finger painting party at 6 months and 1 day old)

Jackie Dering

An Ode to Harley

Harley loves her walk so much
She’ll walk in rain or shine.
She says “No matter what the weather is
this time with you is mine.”

In heat or cold or snow it seems
She’s ready by the door
We get our gear and head on out
I couldn’t love her more.

So neither Luke nor Harley react to thunderstorms, fireworks, vacuum cleaners, or construction sounds. What freaks Harley out is the beeping the smoke detectors do when they are low battery beeping. She either insists on going out and staying out or she hides. Funny girl. Makes replacing the batteries a race.

Luisa Ghetti

A few days ago, in the center of the table. I didn't do the fingerprint tests but it should be Pollon... but with the basenji you never know...

Kim McNeill

"Did you tell everyone about how I killed the monster?"

"Devon, it was a rabbit."
"It was HUGE. A mutant, monster rabbit."
"It was a jackrabbit."
"They are pretty big."
"It was after Spy-C and I had to go save her!"
"I think Spy-C saw it first and flushed it and you decided to join her in her chase."
"Did she tell you that?"
"Devon, i was out there in the yard. I saw what happened."
"But I HAD to help her. Mutant rabbit was as big as she is."
"Well, that is true. Mutan- i mean Jackrabbits are very large."
"And then Zest! had join us, but I was the real hero in killing the monster."

And that is how Devon, once again, saved us. This time from a fierce herbivore. ?

Photo is Devon's daughter showing how we run.

Debby Mayer & Sizzle

Debby: Look, Sizzle you're a cover girl!

Sizzle: Hm! Not bad . . . . . . . . . . . .

Question - Wait a second...she won???!!!

Debby Mayer No, I'm sure she didn't. The email thanked us for entering and said, here's your digital cover.

Tamara Allen She won our hearts, she said that was a big enough accomplishment.


Trained volunteers. That’s what I say my basenjis are when we do agility. Leaf, as does his mom & grandma, shows off what he has learned to perfect strangers. He also thinks he has a cuteness advantage when he backs up, or downs, or patty cakes. Or just plain his collected sit.
So - in agility class yesterday, he ran his first course, jumping 8”. Taking turns with the other puppies. After the last jump his turn is over. So - doing a run of double, panel, triple, back chaining, he loved that and did them back the other way, too. But as the end, he did a very cute sit after the panel. I ignored that and he finally jumped the last jump to me. Next turn, he elaborated. He smartly did jump. Dog walk, tunnel, Aframe, jump, tunnel, double, panel AND then he did a DOWN, which made us all laugh. I waited and he got up and ran over the last jump. TOO CUTE.

Chris O'Rear

The amazing thing about my relationship with my dogs is that as soon as I step out the door with them I know something good is going to happen. The stress I might have been carrying just slips way and time flies past in the flash of an eye. Photo - Swagger toes.

Tamara E. Allen

Yup. If she was a wee taller it would be strawberry shortcake for Tippy

Ardith Mary

When you don’t have a water dog you give them a sandbox

Thorne Preserve, Woodstock, NY (Osenni photo)

Pi Butterworth, the Cat.

Hi just PI !!
Latest story from me of course !!

Mom was trying to drive into the barn to put feed away before the rain
(ps - you see I was nice and said trying).Me - I just sat there and stared her, the dog, and the truck down,
as she was taking my hay away to feed to the livestock.
Well, Mom quickly solved the problem !!!
She hopes out of her truck (the nerve of her), picks me up and puts me up front, with her and the dog !!
Did I mention it was the young one Fallon, who loves to give me slobbery kisses - eww.
Well anyway she left me in the truck, got it all unloaded,
as I sat in her back window, glaring at her, since she stole my hay hmm.

It's okay though. I go to the barn with her, and use the hay to skillfully assist her with chores.