The Rip Van Wrinkler, XVII, Issue 1, February 2013

TWO (some say brilliant) PHOTO ESSAYS

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"Kohlette and Al"
by Lotte Schaeffer Hotaling
(18 January 2013)

What is amusing is that these two could seriously injure each other yet Kohlie uses her teeth gently and Al uses his claws (usually) gently. He isn't biting Kohlette's ear, he's softly nibbling. What a pair.

1. Kohlette looking so innocent.

3. Al thinks otherwise.

2. Kohlette is tired of the blue lambie and decides Al is a better toy.

4. Kohette decides blue lambie IS more fun.

"Timmy's Last Day"
by Lisa Osenni Mackey
(1 January 2013)

They always liked to lay on him...he was warm and when he finally DID lay down (took him a long time to get settled) they piled on…

Both ends of the spectrum--Timmy, just 4 months away from 16, Milly, 1 year, and Tater going on 4 months.

Who knows what they were saying to their old friend?

Tater snuggles with Timmy one last time

Smeesh has her moment

Pony, all knowing, understands what I have to do for Timmy

Tater looks concerned

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