The Rip Van Wrinkler, XVII, Issue 1, November 2013

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Trill with ice-cream container.

the “Thief or Thieves"

contest winners are:

Karen Christensen's thief

He stole her heart on arrival.

Peggy Pick's Ivan


Around the holidays there are all sorts of evil yummies in our house that we normally don’t have.  I was settled on the couch with a piece of lovely shortbread, about to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, catch up on some reading, snuggle with a small dog or two.  Eric was ready to run some errands, so I stood up to kiss him goodbye. I had my arms around my sweetie when he said over my shoulder, “Ivan just stole your shortbread.” Not what I wanted to hear.

Ivan usually waits for us to bring food to him. He just looks at us and we walk over and offer it to him. When Eric finishes his ice cream, he holds out his dish for Dasa and then walks over to Ivan to hold out the spoon. Ivan wants his ice cream, but he fully expects it to be delivered, and it is. Ivan doesn’t have to get out of his comfy bed because he gets good service from his humans.

Dasa doesn’t have the patience to wait, so she lunges for food. She’ll steal it off the fork on the way to your mouth. She steals cookies out of my hand mid-stride. She is a tenacious little hunter of edibles. Ivan will turn up his nose at lemon sorbet. Not Dasa. She’s never met a dessert she doesn’t like.  So I was shocked that it was the puppy boy who stole my breakfast.  Dasa was napping in her bed on the loveseat, and Ivan was snuggled in a little bed next to me on the couch. I thought he sleeping too, but no, he was cleverly waiting to pounce. Never underestimate a basenji.

Ashley Pistorio's Newton & Bella

Newton is usually a Kleenex thief, used is better but he plucks them right out if the box, too. Bella likes socks and will always find one of Joe's socks in the laundry basket. But yesterday I think they both teamed up. They went for a dress shirt, which I'm convinced they were just trying to transform into a Mandarin collar shirt. No more stodgy button down collar for you Daddy!!

Lisa Marshall's Casey (vintage tale)

Our 4-yr old Casey ate a roll of stamps that I had on hand to mail our club's premiums for a fun match last spring - left them on the dining room table with the premiums.  I didn't realize the stamps were gone until I went to see why she was licking her paw.  Found a stamp stuck in between the pads and thought, oh, I'd better look for those stamps I left lying out.  Of course they were gone.

Then one day I left $40 (2 twenties) out on the kitchen table for my daughter and went to work.  Casey got up on the table and ate the 2 twenties and a stick of butter.

Most recently she got into the briefcase where I keep some BCOSW folders, including a folder with judging contracts for upcoming specialties.  That folder and its contents now look like a 1/2 sandwich that someone took a big bite out of, sort of a crescent shape if you know what I mean.

Last year she chewed through two strands of Christmas tree lights - unplugged thankfully - so this year we bought new lights and coated the plug and about 2 feet of the cords with Ben-Gay which seems to be working and it makes the house smell so minty!  Ha.

But hey, you have to have that sense of humor or you won't survive with these guys!

Kim Petrella's Zahra

It happened probably about 8 years ago but we still laugh about it.

I can go on and on for days listing all of Zahra's thievery but my favorite of all is when my husband was working from home.  He had been in his office all morning working and by lunch time came out to fix a delicious bagel sandwich with cream cheese, lox, tomatoes the works.  He was so proud of the sandwich he had to show me his creation. He goes back into his office to work on an important project and to eat this amazing sandwich he just made.  After a few bites of his sandwich his computer shuts down (the cable guys were working on the line at the pole in front of our house and accidentally disconnected him). 

Well without thinking, he runs out of his office and outside to talk to the cable guys. He comes back in to begin working again and finish his delicious sandwich but instead starts yelling "where's my sandwich".  He comes running out of his office to find Zahra in the corner of the living room trying to chew and inhale his sandwich as fast as he can.  So my husband is standing there mad and still in shock that his amazing sandwich is now in Zahra's stomach and I am laughing so hard.

Susan Marsicano's i Liner

Liner right in the middle, 5th from left, waiting to steal anyone's breakfast toast. Recently he chewed all the corners off of Guy Noir's newest AKC Certificate. Trying to absorb it all, so to speak.

Jo Lunetta's Toulouse (2001)

Toulouse is taking care of Cricket.

Tomatoes have been missing from our plants on the back porch.  We have two big pots of cherry tomatoes.  Last week Don was walking by the window and saw Toulouse carefully checking the plants.  He very gently removing one and then brought it into the house to Cricket's bed.  Whether he has been sharing them with Cricket is only a guess but at least we know who has been enjoying our crop.  We also have green beans, parsley and sweet basil in plant boxes on the edge of the porch just outside the railing.  Both Cricket and Toulouse have enjoyed nibling on anything that is within reach still leaving enough for Don and myself.  However, the little tomato thief has not left much to share..

Tiina Taavitsainen's Neela


Pity I don't have a possibility to share a photo but here we go: I HATE Xmas-shopping and all the fuzz around it.... Even though I only buy something for the closest of the family, I get nuts of the crowd in shop, geesh!?!

This morning I left at 9 am, finding out that most shops opened at 9.30 or 10 am (me, living in the middle of the town had no idea???). I managed to do my shopping and even packing the parcels huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.

Put everything in the bags to go to my parents lateron and me, hello?, after 20+ years with basenjis LEFT THEM ON THE FLOOR since they 'never do anything'. Yes, mine do not do but: darling Neela saw me packing their goodies in their own papers a while before so she went and invented/tore all the parcels of the other bag while I was enjoying my long waited smoke @ balcony. You should have heard my scream when I got back inside???

LOL FOR HER: she did not manage to the bag where THEIR things were packed hah!

"Guarding Dreams", oil on Canvas, 2001
Susan Kamen

M & Niner
Cherry, Occhi, & Sandy in corner