The Rip Van Wrinkler, XVII, Issue 1, February 2013

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In Memoriam


 FC Apu Sir Laserlot MC GRC JOR (20 Feb 98 to 13 Nov 2012)

Karen Christensen, "My beautiful, sweet, smart boy Laser. Mommy misses you LoveMonkey!
FC Apu Sir Laserlot MC GRC JOR 20 Feb 98 to 13 Nov 2012. 14 years, 8 months and 24 days of sweetness."

We'll all miss Uncle Laser. He was adored by many, people and dogs alike.
Hugs to you Karen.
I'm just getting all these fun memories of Laser killing & loving on the racing lure.
He was such a clown for the lure...
I know there were many doggie pals, and one little boy waiting there over the bridge to play with him.....Natalie Culver



Ch. Osennji Tibochina of Apu (11 April 97 - 2 January 13) "Timmy"

Photo essay by Lisa Osenni Mackey – Timmy’s Last Day on Page 6


"Shakka" (MBISSCH APU Peas an Hominy) 31.12.1999 - 11.01.2013

Gone over the rainbow bridge, run free little heart dog
R.I.P. - We will always love you! The Schattner family & Uschi & Friedhelm Grewe


Lotte’s painting of Hawk with Daily –“ A painting I did of Hawk as a foal with my collie Daily (back when my last name was Schaeffer)”

On January 3rd, Lotte wrote: Waiting for the vet to come out to put down our last remaining horse, Hawk. At age 32 years and 8 months, he has outlived his sister by three months. I brushed him and combed his mane and tail and made him look all spiffy and told him he's going to meet his sister today. Tears..


11 December 12

Lisa Voss wrote: Sam and I had to help Nicky cross the bridge today.
He was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in September. Unfortunately, by the time it was diagnosed it was metastasized and the biopsy that diagnosed only seemed to speed the growth of the tumor. He enjoyed the things he loved right up until the end, laying in front the fire, finding the sunny spots in the house, and sleeping with his son and nephew.
He will be missed by all in our house and family. 

Nicky was my first basenji. He introduced me to this wonderful breed, to showing, to coursing, to sprint racing, to rally obedience, and so many more things. Because of Nicky I know so many wonderful people and have a house full of his relatives. He was our puppy raiser teaching all our puppies the things he thought were important like how to sleep through storms and fireworks and not to leap if you cannot look first.
He supervised his son raising our Men in Black litter so he knows he is leaving our future puppies in good paws.

I am sure he will find our cat Spot who passed 3 years ago waiting for him and saving a place by the fire for him.
They loved to share a space near the fireplace.


Amber Honorable Mention

Cheryl Silver wrote: Next month would have been one year since Amber came into my life & .just a week ago she celebrated her 12th birthday.  There is no way to describe her except to say she was a loving angel with a great sense of humor and zest for life. 

All was well until early this morning she was not interested in breakfast so we got her to the vet as a drop-off....I thought maybe she had a tooth problem--something minor.  I already had plans for the morning so called the vet shortly after noon and was told to come right away. She had a tumor in one chamber of her heart---a hemangiosarcoma—that had ruptured and was filling her pericardium with blood. She was terribly weak; not in pain but it was just getting worse-blood pressure was nearly undetectable. She could not walk. So we told her how precious and how perfect she was and told her there would be many squirrels to chase at the Rainbow Bridge.......and we let her go. 

Her ashes will be included in the stone and brick patio we are making. Yesterday she was a happy camper playing tug of war with her bunny and her Wiley Coyote........and scaring all the squirrels in the backyard. 

Some of you met her at the Airedale Versatility Day last weekend where she took Honorable Mention as a French Maid in the costume contest............

I am in shock and so totally despondent - she was an angel.

Jaroufa's Charismatic passed on Christmas Day. (12 Dec. 1999 - 25 Dec. 2012) 

Kathryn Ladick: Just was a big baby of a dog,he loved his momma and at home followed me around and was loyal to the core.  He would have laid down his life for me if he had to - he was that loyal.

I will miss my little shadow.



 AKC Ch. Kibushi Neverminds New World, JC ~ Mirrie ~ 15 November 1994 - 9 January 2013

Karla Kraus Schreiber

Goodbye, beautiful....

(The photo is one of my favorite pix of Mirrie and me - taken while I was still recovering from our car crash
on the way to the Denver BCOA National in '97...
No, I didn't pick her up. Mirrie, in her heyday, would leap on command into my arms.
My then-fiance captured this joyful moment - after such a close call, I think the thrill of just being ALIVE was fairly apparent - grin!)

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