The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXV, Issue 3, August 2021

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Baby Guy Noir

Jo Lunetta made a lovely contributon to our fundraiser. Photo above is from the late 80s, of Don and Jo and Jimmy and Cricket.


Katie Campbell
Thank you so much, Susan, for printing the brag about Chief. That was so sweet to see again.

Exceptional artwork this issue! So much fun to look at!

Natalie Culver
I just looked at the May Wrinkler. Love it all!! Sorry takes me so long to get to reading it... really love the pic of my guys with grandma Carolyn & the training page bit about Kunjo. And seeing the Stuff page reminds me I need to get on ordering Jasper a new collar as the 1st one I bought him (just off Etsy from someone I found) that martengale is wearing out. I want to order an Ember Sky designs martingale (which is what I had for Obike and currently have for Ivy) & I really like. The Ember Sky martingales are much better quality / longer life.

Kim McNeill
Spy-C is such a funny little dog. I'd almost forgotten I subjected her to that.

Tamara Allen
Love it - thank you. I giggled on page 10 - just planted Nasturiums. You read my mind across the diagonal. They are very beautiful!
And entirely edible; flower, stem, leaves. Also planted California poppies, but up in the raised planter, out of reach of exploring little b-mouths

Andrea Stone
Darn, I didn't get photos of Turkey and Phaser "helping" me with the mulch. And by helping, I mean the digging, rolling and eating.

Yvonne 't Mannetje
Looks great, as always, thanks!

Annechien Smith
Lovely again

Chris O'Rear
Great information and art work! Thank you for including photos of Mellie and Swagger ?

Dennis Allen
It is really good as always.

Uschi Grewe
LOVED it, as always. Great issue again!

Brenda Phillips
Thank you Susan, Nike says he thinks we should practice several times a day for the next contest!!

Susan Kamen Marsicano
Liner agrees.

Brenda Phillips
Clever lads!

Kipawa Harder
As always, a wonderful edition. Thank you to everyone involved with The Wrinkler.

Jackie Dering
I so love {the cover} this picture. Who are the models?

Susan Kamen Marsicano
It's "Trill and the Pisanos."
The Pisanos are Sandy's Pi puppies. The two puppies here are Fern and Scarlet. Trill - DC Apu Must Be the Money JC.

MORE MADDIE CHRONICLES. Maddie is 8! Happy Bert Day!

The Maddie Chronicles:

Those sketchy Two legs are at it again. Just who the heck is Bert? And why does he have a day?

The Blonde Two Legs woke me up with a snuggle and belly scritches. Usually she puts me out for my morning squirrel patrol and squat down. Then she sneaks off. This unsketchy behavior is often accompanied by an unwanted harnessing and a trip to the poke and stick place. No one likes being picked up by a handle and carried around like a poop bag. It’s undognified!

Anyway the Supreme Sketchinator, the Bald Two Legs, showed up and they told me “Happy Bert Day”. So again I say who is this Bert?

I kinda want to thank him because I got a big bowl of warm cheese eggies with diced chicken. I’m talking a huge amount of chicken. Almost a whole bird. Hold it! Maybe they said Happy Bird Day instead of Happy Bert Day. I will continue to monitor to verify this potential pleasant mistake to the betterment of my belly. Also he returned My Spot. It doesn’t have the smells of my original but does have some Cush for the Tush. However I’m remaining suspicious of the Bald Two Legs.

He’s just not right in the head. Maddie Out!

The Maddie Chronicles:

This means War!!!! That follically challenged, sketchy Two Legs threw away my ball bed.

That is My Spot! In an ever-changing world, it is a single point of consistency. It faces the doorway at a direct angle allowing me to immerse myself in the prevention of contractors or mailmen without being subject to shushing commands. Sedis mea, regulae meae. That's Latin for 'my seat, my rules!

Just who does that Bald reprobate think he is? He may believe that Revenge is a dog dish best served cold, but it’s summer and I’m hot! IMA gonna Bar-B-Que that Sketchy Bald Two Leg’s butt! I know where to do it. He grilled chicken in my backyard creating an aromatic ambience that could have gone a long way toward reparations. He also failed to provide me with a full chicken breast! He said the words “Get Down” when I addressed his omission of belly yum yums. I almost smacked the taste out of his mouth with my paw right there. He must have realized his effrontery as he forked over some smackerals.

While I was at the counter I spotted a box of new shoes. They were a new color. Obviously, he thinks this would conceal them and their inherent Sketchyness. I say to you Nay Nay. I heard that the saying “Daddy needs a new pair of shoes” is used when playing craps. I will take that under advisement as an option to perform now that I’ve relocated the new totem of Sketchyness to the grill.

So Sketchy, shall we Bar-B-Que or play Craps?!? Maddie Out!

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Basenji Feet! Connected middle toes!

Brigitte Kürsten
After our big hike - putting our paws up, nice evening everyone?
These little paws ran on km 7 years of racing and countless km on the road day after day and is still soooo fit? - my baby boy "DON".