The Rip Van Wrinkler, XX, Issue 1, February 2016

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In Memoriam

Occhi (Pa Dokie)


13 December 2000 ~ 14 December 2015 (not long enough)

The house is still without my guy with the beautiful eyes. Occhi passed just after noon on 14 Dec 15.
Occhi Belli mens "beautiful eyes" in Italian. It is Occhi that changed my life for so much the better.
I had just been a "breed" (conformation) person, when this gorgeous pup was born here,
and, turned out he had an undescended testicle.

Steve Gerity photo

I turned myself around, and decided that, instead of placing him, I would be selfish and share his life,
and do what it was he could do, even if he could never be a breed champion.
When he was 4 months old, he & I took our first ever agility class together.
He could not have been a kinder or gentler soul. My Occhi Pa Dokie.

©2005, Mary Bloom - in which Occhi is fraidy scared, & feels he doesn't know "down".


Apu Jay Dreamin Breeze SC RN NAJ SGRC2 ORC SOR CGC VB

13 Dec. 1999 – 15 Jan. 2016

Natalie's first ever dog.

"Such a great dog. RIP my dear buddy Kunjo.
Till we meet again I’ll keep memories of your perfect mix of bravery, smarts, stubbornness (see above photo)
with just a streak of the sillies in my mind.
Love you to bunches Kunjo from that day 16 years ago we brought you home at 8 weeks old,
through all the fun hikes and walks and swims and romps over the years, to our last stroll today.
We miss our pack leader."

Kunjo High in Trial.


On November 9th I had to let Nora go.

"She was quite old and had been slowing fading the past year or so.
Her appetite diminished to almost nothing the past few days and her coordination was failing. Rather than prolong her life any more, I decided to let her go while she still had some of her bitchy spunk left.

Nora came to me as a rescue. She had a particularly bad start in her life with being abused and abandoned and her lack of any training caused her to be bounced around in foster care before she came to live with us.

It was rough the first year I had her, but it slowly smoothed out and we grew to love each other. She was always and ever totally disobedient and utterly independent. Despite her rough start in life her spirit never faltered and she always lived life on her own terms, something I will always admire about her. We loved her and she loved us.

Good bye my Nora, the house will be so quiet without you." Donna Hess


Photo by DeMaine Image.

18 November 2000 ~ 14 December 2015

"I can not express in words how much I miss Jamani.  He had a good heart and was a kind, gentle soul.
  I was blessed to have him in my life.  We had a great life together.

  My happy place was sitting with Jamani in my lap. 

Rest in peace Jamani.  I will always miss you.
Am/Can/Int'l/Nat'l CH Taji's Midnight Express CGC RN NJI NAJ TBAD TIAD TG1 TG2 RATI VBS2."

Barb Kunze


31 December 1999 ~ 24 December 2015 Apu Lady Fur Cup

"Sassafras died on Christmas eve.  Just like her father, she made it to within 1 week of her 16th birthday. 

It’s been a tough few months losing both dogs.  Still getting used to coming home to an empty house and the other small reminders that they aren’t here anymore: no one to give the yolks of hard boiled eggs to, not having to move the dog bed in front of the fire on cold nights, having a king sized bed for just me and Kristin.  Actually, the last one isn’t that bad, particularly since I don’t wake up to find a dog’s face on the pillow next to mine." 
Mike and Kristin Reed


Am/Can Ch Jamaa-Tanza Makindu CGC RN NA NAC TG-N SC VB TN-N JOR CA RATN

Lucy passed on January 2nd. 'A life fully lived, always according to the path she chose."
Brenda Phillips


22 November 1999 ~ 13 July 2015

"A dainty little sprite full of tail wags and kisses, Dasa came to us as a very shy worried little girl.
At first we had to put a line of spray cheese on the kitchen floor to keep her busy while we put on her leash for walks. She had a severe startle reflex, and did not like loud noises or new situations.
Just four months after we adopted Dasa from BRAT, we moved from Florida to Illinois and our baby had to get used to a new house. She initially decided her safe spot was under the futon bed in my office.
She became braver, and decided snuggling on the bed was much better.
Eric said if you could do a study to find the softest spot in our house, that’s where Dasa would be.
She loved little beds and nests of blankets. The futon bed in my office was very popular when I was working. I arranged blankets and pillows into little nests on the bed and the Munchkins snoozed in comfort.

Our sweet and affectionate little girl gave lots of dainty kisses, talked to us, and scratched at the door of whatever room we were in to let us know she wanted attention. She leapt in the air with delight when we ask if she'd like to go for a walk. She came as such a timid little girl, but she gained a lot of confidence. She was quite the little snuggler, and even edged Ivan off a lap so she could have his place. She did this either by stealth—slowly oozing into Ivan’s spot—or by subterfuge—lots of invitations to play and as soon as he was off the lap, she jumped up and settled in.

We marveled at Dasa’s sweetness, rejoiced at each small step as she gained more confidence and came out of her shell. And, somewhere along the way, I realized she had become a precious vital piece of me.
She occupies a huge chunk of my heart.

At ages 12 and 13, Dasa seemed to be aging beautifully. Good energy, grace, beauty and playfulness. She leapt in the air when meals were prepared. She rolled happily in the grass. She danced and pirouetted when we said “go for a walk?” Dasa was still energetic and beautiful. She moved with fluid easy grace and jumped agilely.

And then, a couple of months before her 14th birthday,
we discovered the illness that would slowly steal away our beautiful girl.

Sweet little Dasa was so good it's sometimes difficult to believe she was a basenji. She didn’t chew things, was seldom ever grumpy or difficult, bravely trotted out to potty in wet grass, and was the most wonderful tail wagger. I believe Dasa was sent by angels because she was such a gift to our family."

And we miss her every day." Peggy Pick & Eric Sutton


"Miss Peyton has passed on.

Sterling Sweet Wonderful Peyton ~ 2/9/2004-12/22/2015

She'd had some heart issues the last 2 plus years (mid-grade heart murmur/chronic valve disease) and had a serious illness in mid-December while she and Carol were in NC.
I'd been out much of the day and when I went to see her, she took two steps towards me, but fell on her side.

Weak, I rushed her to Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, where she'd received all her cardiologic care.
(Various resuscitative actions were tried to no avail. They believe heart failure.)

She is best remembered by her UKI registered name "Sterling Sweet Wonderful Peyton"
as she loved everyone she met and had, after her first Mach, trained to be a Therapy Dog. Her dog training achievements included Mach5 and Pach in AKC, MAD in USDAA, several IAC in UKi, some Herding and Flyball, NADAC and CPE titles, and two legs towards her CD,
which we are certain she would have achieved with more time away from agility.

By the time of her passing she was on six meds a day and the illness in NC was a warning,
so her passing soon wasn't completely unexpected, but still a shock when it happens.
I believe that she waited all day to see me again before she let go.
In fact I know that to be true as Louie waited for Carol to get home on that sad night a few summers ago.
Do us a favor and share a happy memory of, Sterling Peyton." Paul and Carol Mount

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