The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XX, Issue 1, February 2016

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Sunshine. . .

"Beauty" by Karen Sahulka

New Titles & Kudos:

The Stewart's Tempest's new titles are Dog Scout, Trail Dog Excellent, Utility Pack Dog, AKC Therapy Dog and CGC. GCH DC UCH Meisterhaus Neon Nights MC LCX SGRC JOR CGC ORC UP Tdx GEOD Dog Scout ITD THDN MVB LCM.

Susan Marsicano’s Fern got her 20th and 21st QQ. She's getting close to her MACH. Ch. Apu Painted Sand RN MX MXG MXJ MJS XF T2B THD CL3 RS-N JS-O SC FCh SGRC ORC SOR CGC TDIA MVB.

Susan Marsicano’s Fiddle got her AXJ title. She got a FIRST as well, and was several weeks pregnant. CH Apu Sweet Baby James RN OA AXJ XF FCh ORC GRC MVB. Now she can accumulate MACH points! Fiddle gave birth to 5 puppies on December 12th. She had 2 brindle girls, one brindle boy, and 2 red and white boys.

Andrea Stone Regan got her Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog titles. BIF GCh DC Fopaw's Touch of Evil at Saorsa RN SC AOM.

The Stewarts's Gambit earned her Pack Dog Excellent and Trail Dog Excellent titles and had 5 puppies on 14 Dec. GCH DC UCH Meisterhaus Neverwinter Nights MC JOR ORC GRC PDX Tdx Cadet Scout ITD VB LCM.  

Andrea Stone - Introducing NEW CHAMPION FoPaw's Saorsa Bodega Bay Redux.

Wendy Hodges' Winger and Tank! are both eligible to compete at the Rally National Championship in Tulsa. Winger at the RAE level, Tank! at the novice level. Not sure if we'll go yet, but super proud of these two dogs.

What puppies do.

Jeanne Fitzsimmons added "Nic" to the family


{I know there is other stuff to report from our club members, but they need to give me the info.}

Susan Marsicano's Scarlet got a 2nd Place in Excellent Standard Agility, when she was quite pregnant. She had one red and white girl puppy on December 15th, 2015

Susan Marsicano's Liner ran undeafested in LGRA for an entire weekend, getting 4 National points.

Karen Christensen's Rip came in 2nd in LGRA to his dad both days.

Jackie Dering's Harley passed her birch ORT.

New Additions:

Brenda Phillips' keeper is Zippie.

 The Stewart's keeper is Bolt- Meisterhaus Days Of Thunder.

Donna Hess is adding Sunny to the family. Apu Here Comes the Sun.

Karen Christensen is adding Moyo X Scarlet's singelton girlie to the family. Rose. Apu Keeping Up Appearances.

Susan Marsicano's keeper is Gilda. Apu Painter's Song.

Jan & Ruby Wojcik are adding one of Fiddle & Guy Noir's sons to their family.

In Memoriam:

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Feel Better to Don Lunetta. Love from us all

(Affiliate Basenji Club of America, founded 1997)

President & BCOA Liaison...Susan Kamen Marsicano
Vice President...Lisa Osenni
Secretary.....Debby Mayer
Treasurer… Karen Sahulka

Board of Directors
Karen P. Christensen, Lotte Hotaling, Natalie Harner, Suzanne Schulz, Tamara E. Allen & Officers of the Club

BCOA Rescue Contacts: Mary Silva & Michelle Voyek

Rip Van Wrinkler® Editors:

Editor in Chief: Susan Kamen Marsicano

Peon Editor in Chief: Tamara E. Allen

Copy Editor: Karen Sahulka

Collator in Chief: Jo Lunetta