The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XX, Issue 1, February 2016

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Joe Pistorio

My neighbors say my dogs are incredibly nosey.

Paul Mount

Snow snow go away. Don't come again another day; just go away.

Yvonne 't Mannetje

Doing agility with a basenji is quite a challenge as you know. Today Lola was not at all interested in me, she wanted to go say hello to all her friends over there instead of focussing on me. I tricked her by shouting "Moyoooo" and there she was again. When she realised Moyo was not there, she looked at me, went into the tunnel and .... pee'd.... I didn't even have time to feel good about myself for tricking her.

Decal Yvonne had made of Fiddle

Tamara Allen

Out of all the boats on the bay Tippy likes this 150 foot ship from New Zealand. I cant even afford the tender - that dog has expensive taste.

Karen Christensen

Notes from summer of '01:

Not enough breeze here, and I can't sleep with the A/C on in my room. I keep it on downstairs to keep the rugs dry, but use a fan in my room.

Selket thinks the fan is Mecca, sleeps with her head toward it. Cherry
under the covers, Laser either on top of the blanket or in his kitty cup,
which has monkey-fur type fleece lining. Cherry almost did a stint in the dog haven last night (downstairs) -- which she doesn't mind, as far as I can tell, since she doesn't bang on the doors or cry, just curls up on the couch with a chewie -- she just couldn't settle down for a while. Then I figured out where she was trying to lie down there was a big ol' quill sticking out of the feather bed. Case solved, and she went right to sleep!

Revisiting Jim’s Truisms from 2001


For anybody keeping track, when I looked out the window at dawn today, the sugar maple tree in our front yard had just popped its first few buds of the year. Just a few hours later at evening now, the whole tree is bursting with clusters of unfolding leaves and flowers.

Looking up the road, the next maple in line is still locked up tight, but that tree is a hundred feet north of us, and spring here comes slow.

True is somewhat mellower now than when I used to tell of his antics as a puppy a couple of years ago. Just the other morning, Karen was passing idly through the living room when she heard a mysterious "crinkle crinkle" coming from True's crate.

A quick glance around the room revealed to her that she had forgotten to put away the box of graham crackers she'd been snacking on the night before.

There it was, closed, on the couch, upright. Still, she thought she'd better check the noise.

She found True in the crate with a mini-pack of graham crackers, a full little brick of them in their wax paper wrapping. He'd withdrawn the brick from the box and seemingly closed the box again. True was ever so carefully peeling back the wax paper to get a cookie out. Humans know you have to peel the wax paper all the way back out of the way, or you will crack the cookie trying to get it out. True *had* cracked one cookie without getting it out, and he was puzzling out the secrets of the fiendish paper trap when Karen interrupted him in his work.

Jackie Dering

Bitches rule story.
I've been trying to capture the paw to the face when Luke does it. I never have the clicker, but mark it with my marking word. He hasn't made the connection yet as it's offered only sporadically. This morning Harley watched him do it, noticed my marking word, and him get rewarded so she gave me the paw to the face (not one of her usual gestures) and then looked right at me. "Oh, I can do that." That girl cracks me up.

Jackie - My step daughter is visiting and her socks keep mysteriously moving from the guest room to the living room couch. Harley swears it's gremlins.

Kathryn Tessier - Better migration of sox than her underwear! Kevin's cute little pooch would somehow find some of mine and transport them into living room, when I stayed with them a couple years ago. Very embarassing for me I must say, but Kevin knew about pooch's habit.

Jo Thompson - Harley is swearing now?

Jackie - Feeling pretty cocky she is.

Susan K-M - My Blush did that in 1973 at the Cold Spring Harbor Biology Lab. There were several giggling visiting scientists chasing their socks through the halls of the dorm.

Lotte Hotaling

Lottie - Rain, rain go away, Basenjis won't go out and play. O sunny day, please come to me, the doggies won't go out to pee...... {Ed. CHANGE TO SNOW!}

Cooper has learned that when I am sitting at the kitchen table, he need only to distract me with something minor in the other room and as soon as I am out of the kitchen to investigate, he is in and on the table, on the chance that I may have left a tasty. -or not so tasty, he's not fussy- morsel.

Hepi Armen

The kids with the red coats were total strangers, and they went crazy over the dogs and of course they love the attention. Both Benji and Cybele are well; we just took a 90 minute walk taking advantage of the warmer weather. Took the stroller for 16 + year old Benji but he hardly used it. 

Erin Fogarty

It's summer.

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Kohlette and Al the cat find a sunspot, by Lotte Hotaling.