The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XVI, Issue 2, May 2012

©2010, Susan Kamen Marsicano “Corner of the Porch”

GREAT NEWS! Basenjis can now race/LC licence in the Netherlands!
(officially allowed to compete on fci track races or lure coursing competitions!)
BRAVO to all involved on accomplishing this!


.........Noteable Quotables  
Lisa Stewart : On Easter weekend, the most hilarious run I have seen:
while lure coursing, coming around the final turn, one of the bags tore off,
hit Tempest in the face then. . . . . . .

Sunshine, Officers & Editors

In Memoriam

Contest Winners

New Contest, Recipe

Brunch Report

June 24th Match Flyer

Frey Johnsson

Pets Ride in Crates, Please

Karen Christensen award

New Raffle


Training - lunge whip, walking politely, ASCA agility

Xpen Covers!


"Nudes," by Marcia Woodard


Stuff Stuff Stuff, Another Diamond food recall

Calendar, The Basenji at Home and Play

Xpens, ©2011 Susan Kamen Marsicano “Hanging Out at the Wrinkler Match” See Page 13

S K-M, Salgado, Mannetje, Stewart, Steiger, Ockerman, Culver,
 Allen, Stone, Rizzo, Osenni, Sahulka, Fitzsimmons,
 Phillips, Hess, Ashbey, Voss, Schecter, Hotaling,
Squires, Van de Lest, Pick Sutton, Olsson,
Pluchinsky, Mount, Lyons.

©2010, Susan Kamen Marsicano “Corner of the Porch”

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